Resin Guild

This is a blog for BJD dolls, maintained by Cesia, featuring mainly my own dolls:

Faiyu - (Delf Yder)
Miki - (Tiny Fairy Niky)
Jamie - (Pukipuki Sugar)
Kira - (Minifee Dark Elf Soo)
Rain - (Kid Delf An)
Riddle - (Minifee Juri '11)
Fi - (Unoa Sist Minifee hybrid)
Septimus - (Delf Breakaway'05)
Saga - (Dollzone Annie)
Dios (Minifee Juri'11)
Lucian - (Littlefee Rachel boy)


There might be occasional photos of other people's dolls and similar here too.

Temporary eyes! And my camera battery is loaded again~

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